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Hanging in There

(Or ay-Chihuahua as that bearded guy used to say. Oh, God. I forgot his name! Jeremiah. Okay, not senile yet).
Only one more week of camp. Today it rained and hailed. I canceled ropes (now that's authority) and five minutes later the weather cleared up. So...whatever. Time off, I guess.
Started writing a novel about...well, you'll see what it's about when I win the Nobel Prize for it. Damn this computer with it's short screen-saver timer!
I got an Aerosmith c.d. but I'm still not sure why. Now I own like eight c.d.s and I feel like I'm really moving up in the world.
Icchh. Last I heard, MarineBoy is going to be stateside by tomorrow, but maybe not because the time zone thing might get screwed up or whatever. The good news is, eight months is coming to an end and I couldn't be happier to be alive.
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